Communication help for non-talking-people

  1. "Joan is a talking computer-animated graphie "
  2. While reading any text or sign, Joan’s lips are animated according to the given out sounds
    At every sound (e.g. printed letter ) she opens and closes her mouth .

The computer animated voics gives out the words and signs with the programme "WebSpeech.4"
WebSpeech.4 ought to be installed for giving out the computer animated speech
WebSpeech.4 a (free) download of WebSpeech.4 is possible at

Johanna und Fred Hauptmenue With the left key click of the mouse ( mouse-click ) to the Word below the sign, the computer animater the word or
the sound you clicked on !
All the signs on this programme are in alphabetical order .
Every letter on the screen-sides is connected to an hieroglyph
Tehse hieroglyphs are adopted from the early-Egyptian pyramids -the other signs were developed by the programmer himself –about 550
pictogramms ( symbol signs ).
Fred Translater Go ! <= Fred Translater Go !
<= Translater Go English - Germany English - Germany !
Joan Sign 5 Johanna Zeichen 5

Joan Sign 5

Joan is reading the word or the
verbal meaning of the symbol.
It is even possible to click onto the
selected symbols in any wished order

and give out the speech after all signs
have been given in .

Joan and Fred is translating.

Fred is translating

Joan is translating
This programme is developed for people who due to their illness

are only able to move the mouse –arrow.

e.g. people with multiple sclerosis

Joan is translating the written text given into the text-entry-field

and is reading it aloud .

The text can be given in with the keyboard or with the clickbuttons and the

mouse . Furthermore it is possible to calculate in the four basic arithmetics
( addition, substraction, multiplication, division )

How to learn the sign write.

How to learn the sign write. The symbol-signs can be moved at any place with pressing

the left or right mouse key ( drag-and-drop) .

The programme is using English .


Requirements of the system: CPU Pentium 2 and at least 16 MB free RAM .

a soundcard and the installation of the WebSpeech programme .

The ideal combination for all the programmes is the MS Internet ExplorerInternet-Explorer 5. 5 .

Screen 800 Pixles by 600 Lines ( 800x600 ).

Soundcard with loudspeakers, Mouse, Keybord.

Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT (4.0/SP3), XP
Pentium 2. 64 MB-RAM.